Key Bindings

Learn more about the default key bindings, personalize your Keyboard commands and verify Controller key bindings prior to using Manual Controls.

FlytBase enables operators to manually control the drone through the Dashboard during missions or emergencies. In manual mode, the drone can be operated using a keyboard and mouse, or specialized controllers such as a gamepad or joystick. The Key Bindings tab on the Dashboard allows you to manage and customize these controls:

  • Customize Key Bindings: Adjust the key bindings for the keyboard and mouse to suit your preferences.

  • Review Default Bindings: View the pre-set key bindings for controllers, including the joystick and gamepad.

  • Test Controller: Use the gamepad simulator to test the functionality of the gamepad.

Keyboard Bindings

To access/change keyboard bindings, follow these steps:

  • Go to Key Bindings -> Keyboard

  • Click on the required command, and assign a key as per your preference.

  • To revert to the original keyboard bindings, click on the Reset to defaults button.

Default Keyboard Commands: Drone Control

Default Keyboard Commands: Payload Control

To learn about how to take Manual Control of the drone, refer to the following documentation:

pageManual Drone Controls

To learn about Manual Payload Control, refer to the following documentation:

pageManual Payload Controls

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