How to Control Your Drone

Learn how to control essential drone functions such as Return to Docking Station, Pause, Resume, and Abort functionalities.

Drone Control Panel Overview

The Drone Control Panel serves as a centralized hub, offering operators crucial flight information and commands, making essential drone tasks easily accessible at your fingertips. It is located in the bottom-center region of the dashboard.

View In-flight Information

The Drone Control Panel provides the operator with access to view the following in-flight information of the drone:

  1. Mission Status Indicator - Shows the real-time mission completion percentage.

    1. In-flight - This state indicates that the drone is performing a mission or executing a 'Go to location' command.

    2. Hovering - This state means the drone is currently hovering in place.

    3. Offline - This state indicates that the drone is currently offline.

  2. Mission Name - Provides info regarding the pre-planned mission being executed.

Drone Control Commands

Operators can use the drone control panel to execute the following commands:

Resume button will only be available when the drone is performing a mission.

Note that the Pause option is only supported when the drone is performing a pre-planned mission.

Return to Docking Station (RTDS)

This function brings the aircraft back to the docking station. The functionalities of the Return to Docking Station (RTDS) feature are as follows:

  • When the finish action is set to RTDS during mission planning, it automatically triggers Return to docking station (RTDS) upon mission completion.

  • RTDS automatically engages during a DJI failsafe event.

  • You can manually engage RTDS during an ongoing mission.

  • When launching to a location, you can activate RTDS only after engaging the 'Abort' button.

Steps to use Return to Docking Station (RTDS):

  1. During a mission or Go to location, operators can command RTDS from the drone control panel.

  1. Upon pressing the button, the operator would receive a confirmation pop-up following which toaster messages (notifications) would appear on the dashboard and the drone starts executing RTDS (Return to Docking Station) command.

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