Managing Your Organization

  • Owners, Administrators, and Users can manage their Organization, by clicking on the Organization they want to manage from the All Organizations page.

  • Organization information like URL, created on, created by, Owner, offering, and user’s role is visible in Organization Info

  • Users can edit the Organization information by navigating to the Manage Organization tab and then clicking on Edit.

Note that the Organization details can not be altered for the next 30 days (cooling period)

Edit Organization Info by following the steps.

  • Users can edit the name and sub-domain of the Organization in the Manage Organization tab.

  • To save the changes, the user must click the Save Changes button.

Managing Members

Within the Members tab of the FlytBase dashboard, users can access information about the available members in the Organization. Owners and Administrators also can add new users, search for users within the Organization, modify user roles, and remove users from the Organization.

  • To view the members of the Organization, click on the Members tab.

Adding users to the Dashboard

  • By using the Add button located in the upper right corner of the FlytBase dashboard, owners and administrators can add new users to the organization.

  • To add a user to the Organization, the Owner or Administrator must enter the user's email address, select the role they wish to give the user, and then click on Send Invite.

Note: They can add multiple users at a time by simply clicking on the Add More option while adding new members.

  • The user can then join the Organization by accepting the invitation that will be sent to his email ID.

Removing Users from the Organization

Owners and Administrators can remove users from the Organization. To remove a user from the Organization, the following steps have to be followed.

  • In the Members tab of the Organization, you can click on the User you want to remove from the Organization.

  • When Owners and administrators click on the user they want to remove from the Organization, they can locate the Remove from Organization button on the right side of the dashboard.

  • Click on the Remove button when you receive a confirmation message.

Confirmation - Remove a user from the Organization

Info: Owners and administrators can remove administrators and users. However, administrators do not have the authority to remove the Owner.

Changing the Role of a User in the Organization

  • Owners and Administrators can change the roles of users in the Organization.

  • In the Members tab of the Organization, you can click on the user whose role you want to change.

  • Click on the role drop-down to change the role of the user.

Change the role of the User in the Organization

  • Once the role is selected, close the sidebar to receive a confirmation about the role change. Click on confirm to change the role of the user.

Confirmation of Change Role of User in the Organization

Note: The administrator can change the role of another administrator, but they cannot change the role of the Owner.

Once an organization has been established and members have been added to it, proceed to create a 'Site' on the map. This involves adding devices, missions, and members to the site while implementing selective access controls. For further information, please refer to the following documentation.

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