Drone Access Control

Know more on how to take control of your drone among your team members.

To ensure safety during flight operations, operators must take control of the drone. Other members who are active on the dashboard can see which particular operator has access to the drone. The operator who has drone control access can give commands to the drone, while other members viewing the dashboard won't be able to do so.

Currently, there can be only a single operator who can take drone control access.

Key Highlights

  • Exclusive Control Mechanism: To ensure clarity and safety, only one operator can have control of a specific drone flight at any given time, while another can exclusively control its payload if required.

  • Permission-based Control Transfer: If another member wishes to assume control of either flight operations or the payload, they must explicitly request permission from the current operator. This structured handover process guarantees a seamless transition, minimizing human errors and ensuring strict adherence to operational standards.

For more information about Payload Access Control, please refer to the following documentation.

How to take control of the Drone?

  • When the drone is performing a flight operation, you will be able to see the "Take Control" tab located on the Drone Control Panel.

  • After clicking on it, you will receive a confirmation message. Upon confirming, drone control will be transferred to you.

  • The drone control panel will be updated for the person who has now taken access and the operator who had access earlier. This ensures that the drone controls are available only to the operator who has taken control. Other operators can see to whom the control has been transferred, as well as the mission status and flight information.

  • Once the drone controls are successfully transferred, you will be able to see your name beside the in-flight status symbol, indicating which operator has access to the drone.

To learn more about how to control your drone using the Drone Control Panel, please refer to the following documentation. To know more about how to control the Drone Payload, refer to the following documentation.

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