Site Management

Learn how to configure a site and give members in your organization selective access for the registered devices for each site.

  • A Site is a geo-location on the map.

  • You can assign devices, members, and missions to a Site. Operators will have selective access to these resources at each site location during drone operations.

  • Each site serves as a centralized hub for operations, ensuring improved coordination and streamlined management of drone operations across various locations or teams.

Configuring a Site with the desired devices, missions, and members is a mandatory process for flight operations.

If any devices and missions existed before the creation of the default site (Site 01), they would be a part of it along with all the members added to the organization.

  • Navigate to the 'Sites' tab inside the 'Navigation Drawer'.

You cannot delete the default site, as an organization must have at least one site to perform operations.

Creating a New Site

  • Refer to the following steps while creating a new 'Site':

    1. Assign a name for the Site.

    2. Left-click on a location on the map to mark the position of a site.

    3. Add registered devices that need to be assigned to the site. There is no limit to the number of devices that can be added to a site. Note: Site members can only operate devices assigned to their particular site.

    4. Assign members to the particular site. Note: Members in an organization can only perform operations on those sites they are part of.

A 'Device' can only be added to a single site.

Only Admins and Owners within an organization can create or edit a site on the dashboard.

Editing configurations for a Site

  • Easily modify configurations for a particular site, such as location, assigned devices, or members.

Assigning Missions for a Site

  • To assign missions to a particular site, refer to the following documentation:

Mission Planning

Best Practices

  • Create sites for different drone and dock fleets registered on the dashboard, where each setup is located at various locations.

  • Assign members to specific sites to ensure a seamless fleet management experience.

  • Ensure that every new device has been assigned to a site.

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