Mission Planning

Guide to create and execute missions with ease using FlytBase.

A mission is a pre-defined flight path set by the operator prior to launching the drone for autonomous flights. One can create a mission by setting waypoints (Path Mission) or defining an area for the drone to perform parallel sweeps (Grid Mission), adding actions at each waypoint, and defining other mission parameters like altitude, speed, gimbal orientation, etc. The mission can be saved and executed when required.

This provides a simple and efficient way to plan and execute complex drone missions for various use cases such as security and surveillance, construction, asset inspection, public safety, etc.

Type of Missions

Here are the types of missions that can be created on the FlytBase dashboard:

  1. Path Mission: Waypoints set a flight route for the aircraft to travel. You can preconfigure actions at those waypoints and adjust the speed and altitude between them.

  2. Grid Mission: Define a sequence of parallel sweeps or route paths for the drone to autonomously follow within a designated area.

  3. WPML Mission: Import preplanned WPML missions in KMZ format and use them to create a mission directly on FlytBase.

You can easily import a mission as a KML file directly into FlytBase. For more information, please refer to the following documentation.

Check out the following video to get an insight into Mission Planning.

Get started with Mission Planning! Refer to the following documentation to learn how to plan a 'Path Mission'.

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