Speaker and Spotlight

Learn how to configure and use the speaker and spotlight payload using FlytBase.

With FlytBase, you can easily manage speaker and spotlight payloads (such as CZI LP12) on your drone. Here's what you can do:

  • Save and Broadcast Announcements: Store messages, or draft a quick message, and use the text-to-speech feature to make announcements.

  • Adjust Spotlight Settings: Change the brightness and switch between spotlight or strobe modes.

  • Activate Siren: Set off a siren sound and strobe light to indicate a critical situation or to deter intruders.

This system is perfect for enhancing your drone's capabilities for perimeter security or search and rescue applications.

Currently, only the CZI LP12 speaker and spotlight payload is supported on FlytBase. Reach out to support@flytbase.com to know more.


Adding Announcements

To add announcements to a payload, follow these steps:

  • Attaching the Payload: First, make sure the payload is properly attached to the drone, and then power on the drone.

  • Navigating to the Payload Tab: Go to the Device Management section, and select the drone you are working with to reveal the Payload tab.

Once you are in the Payload tab:

  • Creating an Announcement: Click on the Add button. This action will bring up a dialog box where you can configure your announcement. In the dialog box, enter a name for your announcement and type your announcement text.

Announcement text cannot exceed 200 characters.

  • Saving the Announcement: After entering your information, click Save to finalize the announcement.

You can create up to three announcements for each payload.

Operating the Speaker

The payload widget would expand, allowing access to speaker and spotlight tabs.

Play a saved Announcement

  • In the expanded Payload widget, click on the Speaker tab.

  • Choose the desired announcement from the list of saved announcements and click Play.

Quick Announcement

For making an urgent custom announcement:

  • Type your message (up to 200 characters) in the Quick Announcement box.

  • Click Play to broadcast your message immediately.

Quick announcements are not stored in the list of Saved Announcements.

Speaker Volume Settings

Adjusting the speaker volume:

  • Use the volume bar to increase or decrease the volume according to your preference.

  • The volume can be adjusted within a range from 0 to 40.

Spotlight Settings

If the payload includes a controllable spotlight (such as in LP12), it can be operated through the Payload widget.

Activating the Spotlight

To control the spotlight:

  • Use the toggle button to turn the spotlight on or off.

Adjusting Brightness

Adjust the brightness of the spotlight:

  • Move the brightness slider to the right to increase brightness or to the left to decrease it.

Spotlight Modes

The spotlight offers two modes:

  • Static Mode: The spotlight remains continuously on at a consistent brightness.

  • Strobe Mode: The spotlight alternates between on and off, creating a pulsating effect.


If the payload is equipped with a Siren feature, you can activate it through the Payload widget on the FlytBase Dashboard.

How to Activate the Siren

  • Navigate to the Payload widget.

  • Locate the Siren button at the bottom of the widget; this button is common for both the speaker and the spotlight.

  • Click the Siren button to activate the siren, which switches on the spotlight in strobe mode and plays the default siren sound.

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