Reviewing Your Flight Logs

A guide for assisting in detailed mission logs for operators to analyze and troubleshoot mission issues with the ability to download and share logs for further review.

FlytBase now provides detailed Flight Logs that consist of several sections such as Overview, Playback, Media, Annotations, and Alarms. With these Flight Logs, the operator can get a comprehensive view of the entire mission and review important information such as flight path, altitude, speed, device information, and more. Additionally, the Media section allows the operator to view images and videos captured during the mission. The Annotations section shows the operator's added comments/notes to specific events during the mission, while the Alarms section provides information on any safety or system warnings that occurred during the mission. Finally, the operator can download and share the Flight Logs with other team members or stakeholders for further analysis and review.

Accessing Flight Logs

Flight Logs features:

These Flight Logs give the operator an outline of how the mission was performed and all the relevant information that they would need to create a better analysis for every mission that took place using the FlytBase dashboard.

1. Overview:

Displays a summary of the flight that covers the following-

  • It gives a run-through of what device was used during the mission, its vehicle ID, the docking station's name, and its station ID.

  • Under the mission section, the name of the mission and its total duration is shown.

  • In the flight details section, the operator can view some important features like:

    • Total distance traveled during the mission.

    • The drone's completion time.

    • The maximum altitude & speed reached during the flight.

    • The take-off and landing times also get registered with what mission type and final action were set with respect to the mission.

  • The operator can also notice the drone's initial and post-mission battery percentage.

The map can be seen in 3 different views i.e. Transit, Terrain, and Satellite view.

Downloading Flight Logs:

FlytBase lets you download your flight reports from the 'Flight Logs'. These reports are downloaded in .pdf format and include the following essential flight information as follows:

  • Report Details

  • Overview

  • Flight Path consisting of map and satellite view

  • Annotations

  • Alarms

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