Payload Access Control

Know more on how to take payload access control in FlytBase dashboard.

To ensure safety during flight operations, operators have the option to take control of the drone's payload. Other members who are active on the dashboard can see which particular operator has access to the drone's payload. The operator who has payload access control can enable the video feeds, toggle between different streams, and control the pitch for the gimbal. However, other operators can only view the video feed without having the option to toggle between various features for controlling the drone's payload.

Currently, there can be only a single operator who has Payload Access Control.

How to take control of your Drone's Payload?

  • When the drone is performing a flight operation, you will be able to see a "Take Payload Control" button located above the drone's video feed window.

  • You can see the name of the operator beside the "Take Control" button who currently has access.

  • After clicking on the "Take Payload Control" button, the drone's payload control access will be transferred to you.

An operator can have both payload and drone control access simultaneously.

To learn more about how to check your flight logs after the flight, please refer to the following documentation.

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