Setting Up Your First Flight

A checklist of what requires to be ensured before a flight to run smoothly and as desired.

With the new system fully set up and ready to go, the operator can now move on to planning and executing the first flight!

Execute your first mission.

Preflight checks

  1. Make sure the DJI Dock is in an idle state and the aircraft status is either Standby or Powered Off. You can check the health status from the Device Maintenance page.

  2. Ensure that the flying environment's weather and the dock's network connection is stable.

  3. Click on the docking station video feed button to enable live video streaming from the dock's camera.

  • To learn more about 'Payload controls', refer to the following documentation.

Payload Controls
  • To learn more about 'Mission Planning', refer to the following documentation.

Mission Planning

Navigate to the FlytBase Flight Execution section to successfully execute your First Flight.

Now the operator is all ready for their maiden flight with FlytBase.🤝

After completing a mission, operators can navigate to the Flight Logs section on the dashboard to analyze and review the mission data.

Reviewing Your Flight Logs

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