Mission Scheduler

The Mission Scheduler feature in the FlytBase dashboard allows operators to schedule drone missions in advance, at timed intervals, and assign specific drones and missions for the events.


Key Highlights

  • FlytBase Scheduler interface organizes the drone fleet's flight agenda efficiently.

  • View scheduled missions with status on the calendar.

  • Mission card indicates reasons for failed or incomplete missions and links the flight logs for completed missions.

  • Manage scheduled missions by editing, cancelling, duplicating, or deleting as needed.

Mission Scheduler automates routine drone flights for timely maintenance, progress tracking, perimeter monitoring, asset inspections and data collection.


FlytBase features a Scheduler window that displays the pre-planned flight schedule of the drone fleet. Operators can easily plan their missions through the days, weeks and months tabs.

Scheduling a Mission

To schedule a mission, navigate to the Planning section in the dashboard and select Schedule.

This will redirect you to the Mission Scheduler Page.

Next, click on the Schedule button to plan a mission.

The scheduler menu will open on the left side of the screen.

Fill in schedule details, such as drone, mission, mission frequency (repetitive or one-time), date, time, and timezone. Click Save to schedule the mission.

The scheduled mission will be visible on your calendar with its status.

Mission Status

Missions in the dashboard are classified based on their scheduling status:

  • Scheduled (Blue): All missions that have been scheduled in the system are assigned the Scheduled status. These missions will be executed at the set time.

  • Complete (Green): Once a mission is completed, it is assigned the Complete status.

  • Cancelled (Orange): If a mission is cancelled at any point, it is assigned the Canceled status.

  • Missed (Red): Missions scheduled but not executed as planned are assigned the Missed status.

The scheduler pop-up shows the name of the mission, the date scheduled, the name of the drone and the reason for your failed mission.

  • Scheduled missions will be executed automatically at the set time.

  • Toaster messages on the dashboard will notify you 5 minutes before the scheduled time of the mission.

Managing Scheduled Missions

Duplicate Mission:

The duplicate mission feature allows you to duplicate an existing mission and make changes to its time, date and name. You can also change its frequency.

This option can be selected by clicking on the three dots on the top right side of the pop-up and then clicking on a duplicate mission.

Managing Scheduled Missions

Users can easily edit, cancel, and delete a scheduled mission when required. In the calendar view, select a mission.

Utilize the Mission Scheduler to efficiently conduct repeatable autonomous missions with minimal human intervention.

To plan a mission, refer to the link.

Refer to the following documentation to learn more about how to set up your first flight using FlytBase.

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