Manual Drone Controls

FlytBase's Manual Controls lets you remotely pilot drones in real-time, ensuring direct command and boosting DJI Dock's adaptability and versatility.

This feature not only ensures that you have direct control over your drone's movements but also helps you navigate through complex environments or make on-the-fly adjustments. Manual Controls offer the precision and responsiveness you need during remote drone operations.

Types of Manual Controls

There are three methods available for operators to take manual control of the drone using the FlytBase dashboard:

  1. On-screen Joypad

  2. Keyboard and Mouse

  3. Xbox 360 Joystick (Wired) or Thrustmaster (Model T.16000M FCS )

Essential Settings for Manual Controls

Setting the Pitch, Roll, and Throttle speeds of the drone before engaging manual controls is crucial. For guidance on fine-tuning the key sensitivity (aircraft speed) for manual functions like Pitch, Roll, and Throttle, you may refer to the Advance Drone Controls guide.

Taking Drone Access Control

Before taking manual controls, ensure that you have access to control the drone. Refer to the following documentation to learn more on how to take 'Drone Access Control' from other members within an organization.

pageDrone Access Control

How to Activate Manual Controls?

  1. During a mission, click on the 'Pause' button located on the drone control panel.

  2. To gain manual control of the drone, click the 'Manual control button' located on the drone control panel.

  1. Next, a pop-up will appear, asking if you'd like to take manual control of the drone. Upon confirmation, the control of the drone is transferred to the remote drone operator for manual operations.

Steps to use the 'On-screen Joypad' for Manual Controls

  • The 'On-screen Joypad' is the default control mode when manual controls are activated.

  • To operate the drone with the on-screen joypad, simply click on the relevant buttons, which follow the standard notation for Yaw, Throttle, Pitch, and Roll, similar to any drone remote controller set to mode 2.

Disabling Manual Controls

  • You can deactivate manual controls by using the downward arrow button on the On-screen Joypad.

If the drone is engaged in a "Go To Location" maneuver, you have the option to take manual control of the drone upon its arrival at the desired location.

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