Drone Control

Guide to set drone controls with respect to docking station.

To set default landing controls for the docking station from the FlytBase dashboard.

  • Navigate to Settings from the top right corner and select the desired drone.

  • Click on Drone Control under the default drone control section.

  • Set the desired RTDS (Return to Docking Station) altitude.

  • Enter the Take-Off Altitude to ensure safety during flight takeoff. This altitude is relative to the take-off point (Docking Station) and is used when the drone starts a 'Pre-planned mission' or 'Go to Location'.

  • After making changes click on Save Change.

Why set RTDS (Return to docking station) altitude?

By setting a specific altitude, the operator can set at what height the drone will perform its return to the docking station action after reaching the final waypoint or when RTDS is triggered. This allows for greater control and accuracy in managing the drone's movements, ensuring that it returns to the docking station at a safe altitude.

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