Live Mission Recorder

Learn how to use the Mission Recording feature to convert manual flights into precise, automated missions for enhanced inspection accuracy and operational efficiency.

  • This feature converts your manually executed flight into a precise, automated mission plan. It meticulously duplicates every waypoint and payload setting you executed. The outcome is an exceptionally accurate, repeatable mission, ready to be re-launched immediately with just a single click. This capability streamlines the process and ensures consistency and precision in your drone operations.

  • It revolutionizes inspections for solar panels, construction sites, power lines, pipelines, and more by facilitating close proximity and high-precision assessments. It allows for mission customization based on manual flight paths, enhancing safety and efficiency. Additionally, it streamlines data collection and meter reading, ensuring accuracy while reducing operational costs and time.

You may refer to the following video to gain insight into how to use the Mission Recording feature on the FlytBase dashboard:

Here's how to use it:

  • Switch to Manual Controls while flying

    • Once the drone is airborne, access the "Manual Control" of the drone.

  • Start Mission Recording

Accessing the "Mission Recorder" button
  • Define Waypoints and Capture Settings:

    • Fly the drone to the desired location for your first waypoint.

    • Adjust the drone's heading and payload settings (yaw, pitch, zoom) as per your requirements.

    • Repeat the same steps at each desired location to create multiple waypoints and record your mission.

  • Stop Mission Recording:

    • After you click on stop recording, the mission gets automatically saved in the missions tab under the navigation drawer by the name “RecordedMission_MM/DD/YYYY_Time.”

    • You can fly the mission instantly or edit the mission if you wish to make any changes to the saved mission.


    • To capture images and record video at each recorded waypoint, you can edit the mission and add waypoint actions post the recording is completed.

    • For a mission to be saved, it must include at least two waypoints.

    • The drone will automatically choose the shortest path between two consecutive recorded waypoints.

Use Cases

Precision Mission Recording empowers you to elevate inspection accuracy and optimize operational efficiency by seamlessly transforming your expert manual flight into a meticulously replicable, automated mission.

  • Solar Panel Inspection: Capture high-resolution, close-up imagery of every panel with consistent coverage and zero blind spots.

  • Construction Monitoring: Chart intricate flight paths around scaffolding and complex structures, enabling near-touch visual evaluation of progress and potential issues.

  • Power Line and Pipeline Inspection: Navigate narrow corridors and complex terrain easily, ensuring comprehensive coverage and minimizing operational downtime.

Here's your advantage:

  • Effortless Automation: Convert your manual flight into a pre-programmed, repeatable mission with a single click.

  • Unwavering Precision: Replicate your precise movements and camera settings with guaranteed accuracy every time.

  • Enhanced Data Consistency: Capture consistent data sets for reliable comparisons and trend analysis.

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