Guest Sharing

Learn more on how to share your drone's video feed with multiple people without giving them access to the Organization and its fleet.

FlytBase enables efficient live drone video stream sharing with multiple remote users across different devices and networks. A vital benefit of this feature is enhanced collaboration, especially in critical operations like emergency response, where real-time visual data shared among teams can lead to faster and more effective decision-making.

  • Go to the "Fleet" section on your dashboard.

  • Choose "New Guest Share" from the menu.

  • Customized "Guest Sharing Link" access:

    • Enter a descriptive name for the Guest Share link.

    • Choose the drone whose feed you want to share.

    • Define the link's accessibility duration using the dropdown menu (hours, days, weeks, or months).

A Guest Share link can only include a live video stream for a single drone.

  • Click "Generate" to display the QR code and shareable link. You can copy the link, use the QR code, or share directly via email.

Manage Guest Sharing:

  • Navigate to the "Guest Sharing" section inside the Navigation Drawer.

Navigate to the Guest Share section
  • You will be able to see a list of all the links that have been created. You can view all the active as well as expired links.

  • Control individual link accessibility by using the enable/disable toggle.

    Manage Guest Sharing links
    • You can view the link using the quick share button to share the same stream with more guests.

    • Click on a specific link to open and delete it if required.

    Link details

Guest View:

  • Initiating Drone feed.

Drone Video Feed Initiating
  • You can see the drone name and the altitude at which it is flying on the top left and will have the full screen and refresh options on the top right of your screen.

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