Go to Location

A guide for automating incident response by launching the drone to a specific location.

The goal here is to mark a GPS location on the FlytBase dashboard and have the drone fly to that location and hover until manual flight control is regained.

  • The entire process of launching a drone nested inside the docking station takes about a minute to set up.

  • You can even use the Go to location feature even when the drone is powered 'OFF'. The drone will be powered 'ON' once the Go to Location has been initiated.

Executing a 'Go to Location' Flight

  • Go to the "Drones" tab in the navigation drawer to access your available drones.

  • Make sure you pick the right drone card for the drone you want to use when performing the "Go to Location" action.

  • Left-click on 'Go to Location'.

  • After selecting "Go to Location", a configuration window will appear, allowing you to view and adjust the settings for launching the drone to a specified location.

  • Left-click on the map at your desired location to drop a pin at the selected GPS point.

  • Then, adjust the mission settings based on the location to avoid obstacles in the drone's path.

You can adjust the following mission parameters:

  1. Latitude and Longitude values of the specific location.

  2. Waypoint Altitude: This is the drone's altitude at the marked GPS location when you execute 'Go to location.' First, the drone will ascend to the 'Take-off altitude' relative to the docking station. Then, it will move to the specified Waypoint altitude at the marked GPS location, following a diagonal path.

  3. Take-Off Altitude: This is the altitude relative to the Take-off point (Docking Station) that the drone will launch to before flying to the desired GPS location.

Note: You can set the Take-Off Altitude to be the same as the Waypoint Altitude.

  1. Finish Action: The action allows the operator to execute pre-defined automatic actions at the marked Latitude and longitude values. (Note: The only supported action at the moment is Hover.)

You can set the 'Default Take-off altitude' in the 'Drone control' settings, however, you even have the option to change it in the 'Go to location' mission configuration. (Refer to point 3 above)

You cannot adjust the drone's speed during the 'Go to Location' operation. The drone will gradually reach a velocity of 14 m/s over the specified distance.

  • Click "Launch" to send the drone to the chosen location.

You can also use the Go to Location functionality to launch the drone to a specific location during a mission. You can do this by:

  • Pausing the current mission

  • Select the drone that you wish to send to the desired location.

  • Marking the GPS location.

  • Configuring mission settings.

  • Executing 'Go to Location'.

The 'Go to Location' feature can only be used once the mission is Paused by the remote operator from the dashboard.

The behavior of the drone when launched to a location:

  • Firstly, the drone will ascend to the 'Take-off altitude' relative to the docking station.

  • It will then move to the specified 'waypoint altitude' at its marked GPS coordinates at the set 'Drone speed', following a diagonal trajectory.

  • The drone starts hovering upon reaching the desired GPS location.

While the drone is en route to the marked location, you can pause the mission at any time using the Abort button on the FlytBase Dashboard.

Refer to the following documentation to learn more about how to use 'Annotations' on the FlytBase dashboard.

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