Learn more about Flinks (FlytBase Links) and how you can leverage them to integrate third-party apps and sensors with FlytBase to automate your enterprise drone workflows.

Flinks, short for FlytBase Links, facilitate the connection and automation of workflows between FlytBase and other third-party applications and sensors. These integrations enable the setup of Flinks within FlytBase to accept external triggers and permit the activation of your drone fleet in response to these triggers. This process effectively establishes a streamlined and automated workflow.

  • Open the Navigation Drawer and scroll down to the Integrations section.

  • Click on the Custom Flink tab to start creating a new Flink.

To use the DroneDeploy Flink for post-processing of your data, please contact support@flytbase.com for further information.

  • In the dialog box that appears, select the Category for your new Flink.

Currently, only Alarm Custom Flink is available on the FlytBase dashboard.

  • Another dialog box will prompt you to provide a name and description for the Flink. Here, you can also choose a custom icon for better visibility. Click on Add to finalize and create your new Flink.

  • Once a new Flink is created, you will be able to see a custom Flink card with a brief description inside the Flink Manager window and on the sidebar of the Dashboard.

To configure an existing Custom Flink:

  • Click on the Flink card inside the Flink Manager window.

  • OR Click on the Flink icon located on the sidebar and then click on View All.

This action will direct you to the Flink Properties window, where you can:

  • Assign a specific icon for Alarms

  • Edit Flink details

  • Add and manage sources of Alarms

  • Access Alarm logs


In the Configuration tab, you can easily perform the following operations for Flinks :

  • Reviewing Details:

    • Check the name and description associated with the Flink.

  • Editing Details:

  • Deleting a Flink:

    • A pop-up will ask you to confirm the deletion.

    • Press the Delete button to remove the Flink and all its associated settings.

  • After configuring the name and general description for a Flink, navigate to the Alarm Sources tab to add Alarm sources and integrate them with your sensors.

  • After setting up a Flink and alarm sources within it, you will be able to see notifications on the sidebar of the Dashboard whenever an alarm source is triggered.

  • Moving forward, you need to create an automation workflow to configure response action for the alarm sources from your drone fleet. To learn more about creating such automation workflows, refer to the documentation on Automation.

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