Drone Control

Guide to set drone controls with respect to docking station.
After registering the drone on the dashboard, the operator can configure certain default controls for the drone in relation to the docking station that will be linked with it. These controls can be set according to the operator's preferences and requirements. And even bind the drone and docking station directly from the FlytBase dashboard.
  • In Settings, select a drone from the drop-down box at the top left corner of the settings. Then select Drone Control.
  • Under the Default Drone Controls, set the RTDS speed & RTDS altitude at this speed and altitude the drone will proceed after the mission is completed or when the RTDS command is triggered.
  • The operator can bind the Docking Station to the drone directly from the dashboard by clicking on the Bind button. This will turn the docking station RC into binding mode then the operator can bind it with the drone.
Drone control settings
Docking station and drone binding can be used when the drone is not bonded to the docking station.

What is Return to Docking Station (RTDS)?

When the finish action of a mission is set to (RTDS), the drone returns to the docking station's location at the set RTDS speed and altitude. Once the drone reaches the docking station's location, Precision Landing will be engaged and the drone will ascend or descend to the set PL altitude to perform Precision Landing.
Last modified 3mo ago