A guide for accessing the media files saved in private cloud storage captured by the drone during flights on FlytBase.


Manage all the captured images and recorded videos saved on the account holder's private cloud storage using Gallery on FlytBase
Please ensure that the FlytBase account has private cloud storage configured in order to access the media files on the dashboard. Refer to this guide to learn more.
To access the Gallery navigate to the navigation drawer and under the Log
section click on Gallery.
Accessing FlytBase Gallery

Toggling between Grid view & List view

Operators can toggle between a list view and a grid view by clicking on the appropriate icons.
Grid view and List view

Preview Images/Videos

To view the images or videos saved on the private cloud storage, click on the preview button on the FlytBase dashboard.
Previewing media files

Downloading Images/Videos

Click on the Download icon on an image or a video to download it on your device.
Downloading images or videos
FlytBase users can seamlessly transfer the images and videos stored on their drone with a single click using Cloud Media Sync.