Fetching Device Logs

Learn more about how to remotely fetch Drone and Dock logs using the FlytBase dashboard.

The drone and dock generate device logs regularly whenever they are online, even if they're not actively in use. These logs serve as a record of the device's activities and are encrypted. If there's an issue with the hardware, these logs can be shared with the hardware manufacturers to help diagnose the problem. Previously, you had to retrieve these logs directly from the RC or Dock, which meant remote access was not possible. However, with the new feature on the FlytBase dashboard, you can easily download these logs remotely directly from the dashboard. To download the device logs, they must first be uploaded to the cloud and then downloaded from the cloud to your PC. This convenience streamlines the process of monitoring your devices and sharing information with the hardware manufacturers when issues arise.

Device logs are not the same as flight logs. While flight logs are about the drone's missions (including Manual Control or Go-to Location), Device logs are hardware-specific and represent the state of the drone and dock whenever they are online. The logs generated are encrypted and can only be decrypted by the hardware manufacturers.

Key Highlights

  • Cloud-based Uploading: Upload drone and dock logs to the cloud directly from the FlytBase dashboard remotely.

  • Tailored Log Requests: Request logs for specific devices and choose particular logs for upload.

  • Stay in Control: Cancel the log upload easily at any time.

  • Progress Tracking: Monitor your upload's progress with an intuitive progress bar, ensuring you're always informed.

These features streamline and enhance the process of managing and uploading device logs from the dashboard.

Accessing the Device Logs Tab

  • Log in to your FlytBase operations dashboard.

  • Go to "Device Management" and navigate to the specific device for which you want to fetch logs.

  • Click on the "Device Logs" tab.

How to Download Device Logs?

To download the device logs, follow these steps:

  1. Upload the logs from your device to the cloud.

  2. Download the logs from the cloud to your PC.

Upload logs from your device to the cloud.

To upload the logs from your device to the cloud, refer to the following steps given below:

  • Click on the "Upload Logs" button located at the top right corner.

  • Choose either single or multiple logs for the drone and dock, available based on timestamps. Filter easily by Timestamp or size.

  • Once you've selected the desired logs, click 'Upload'. The logs will then be uploaded to the Cloud.

Downloading logs from the Cloud to your PC

After clicking on the 'Upload' button, check the status of the log bundle being uploaded to the cloud on the "Device logs" window and see the total number of logs stored there.

Data to View

You can easily view and filter device logs and send them to hardware manufacturers. The following information is available within the "Device Logs" window:

  • Timeframe: The timeframe between when the logs were generated by the drone and the docking station.

  • Type: Indicates whether the logs are from the drone or the docking station.

  • Upload Status: Indicates the status of the log being uploaded on the cloud.

  • No. of files: The total number of bundled logs being downloaded for either the drone or the dock.

  • Actions: You can either download the logs or cancel the upload to the cloud.

Expected Behaviour

  • While the drone is executing a mission, you won't be able to retrieve the device logs for either the drone or the docking station.

  • However, once the drone lands on the docking station, and both the drone and the dock are online at that moment, you will be able to access the logs.

  • In Idle State, only the dock stays online and therefore you would see logs for the dock and not for the drone. Here, you would have to 'Power On' the drone through the maintenance window and then fetch the logs.

To fetch the logs for a particular hardware, ensure that it is online. The best practice for downloading the drone logs is to Power-ON the drone from the maintenance window while it is inside the docking station. This way, both the drone and the dock will be online, and you can retrieve the desired logs.

Sending them to the hardware manufacturer

  • After the respective logs are downloaded for the particular timestamp, you can send them to the hardware manufacturer directly or send them to us at support@flytbase.com.

To learn more about your device firmware and how to remotely upgrade it, refer to the following documentation for further information:

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