Drone Control

Learn more on how to configure essential drone flight parameters such as Take-off and Return to Docking Station altitudes on the FlytBase dashboard.

For safe autonomous Dock-Drone operations, it is crucial to ensure the following:

  • Safe Take-off: Drones must ascend to a safe altitude above the docking station before proceeding to their target waypoints.

  • Safe Return: While returning, drones should fly at or above a safe altitude to avoid all obstacles and descend vertically over the dock.

To manage drone behavior during these operations, you can configure the following parameters:

  • Take-off Altitude

  • Return to Docking Station (RTDS) Altitude

Accessing These Parameters:

  1. Navigate to Device Management and select the relevant device.

  2. Go to Settings -> Drone Control.

  3. Set the desired RTDS Altitude.

  4. Enter the Take-Off Altitude.

  5. To revert to default values, click on Reset

These altitudes are set relative to the take-off point (Docking Station), and these ensure safety when the drone executes a pre-planned mission or a Go-to Location flight.

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