Add and Setup Your Devices

Follow this Guide to register the DJI Dock and the Matrice 30 Series drone on FlytBase and kick-start your autonomous drone operations.

Device Registration

The Dock and the Drone must be powered ON and bound together to initiate the registration process. Once the registration is complete, the device will be successfully added to the Device Management tab on the FlytBase dashboard.

Adding a Device

  • In the Navigation Drawer, scroll down and click on the Devices tab inside the Management section.

  • Next, follow the on-screen instructions and connect the RC to the Docking Station.

  • Once the Dock and RC have been connected, proceed to the next step and enter the MQTT credentials on the RC as provided on the FlytBase dashboard.

  • Once the registration is complete, the Dock and the drone will be visible int he Device Management tab on the FlytBase dashboard.

Activating Device Subscription

To get started with your drone operations on FlytBase, you will need to activate your device subscription.

Contact to obtain your Activation Code.

Refer to the following steps to get started:

  • Click on the Manage button beside the particular Organization name wherein the new Device has been added.

  • You will be navigated to the Management Console of the particular Organization.

  • Click on the Device Subscriptions tab located on the left panel and then click on the Add Subscriptions button.

  • In the dialog box, select the relevant Dock-Drone and enter the Activation Code provided by FlytBase, and then click on Next.

  • The Dock-Drone is now activated to perform operations on FlytBase.

It is recommended to reboot your DJI Dock once it has been registered on FlytBase. Refer to this guide to know more on how you can reboot/restart your dock using the Device Maintenance tab on the FlytBase dashboard.

Once your device has been added to an organization, ensure that it is assigned to a Site. Navigate to the Site Management document to learn more.

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