FlytOS Logs

FlytOS Logs can be accessed through the Logs onboard web app. To open the web app, click on the Logs button on homepage or open the URL:


FlytOS Logs Web Page

Startup Logs

  • The startup log contains important startup related events including errors in updates or during installation.

  • Viewing startup logs in browser helps debug any startup related issues in real time.

  • You may view the current log as it is being generated and logs from previous instances of FlytOS.

FlytOS Startup Logs

Run Logs

  • Run logs are the runtime logs generated by FlytOS. They capture all events and messages along with errors related to FlytOS and are instrumental in debugging.

  • You may view, refresh and download the run log for the current instance of FlytOS under the Run Logs tab.

FlytOS Run Logs

Autopilot Logs

Warning: Viewing and downloading autopilot logs can take place only when the drone is not armed. Please do not arm the drone in the process of log viewing and downloading.

  • Autopilot logs generated by APM and PX4 are instrumental in after-flight analysis.

  • Through FlytOS you can download autopilot logs to SBC. After a log is successfully downloaded to SBC, you can download it locally to any other device over your local network. FlytOS also provides upload of logs to cloud for remote downloading.

Autopilot logs
  • Logs can be downloaded one at a time or in groups.

  • Press the Autopilot tab to refresh the log list.

  • To download individually, click on the GET Icon next to the log file you want to download. This will download the log file to SBC.

  • Alternatively you can select the logs you want to download and click on bulk download to download them all to SBC one after the other.

  • You can download the logs locally to any device by clicking on download after the logs are successfully downloaded on your SBC.

  • In case you want to stop an ongoing download, click the cross icon beside log file currently being downloaded. Please wait until you are prompted that cancellation is complete.

Note: Downloading logs from autopilot is significantly faster when the autopilot is connected to SBC through USB rather than telemetry.

Successfully downloaded autopilot logs will be automatically uploaded to cloud on every startup of FlytOS. They can be accessed and downloaded through your account at

Flight Logs