Map Annotations

A guide for marking observational notes made by remote operators to record important information or events during a flight.
Map annotations come in handy to make notes of any important details during the mission. The operator can add brief points to be inspected later or convey details to other operators who may conduct these missions in the future.

To use annotations during flight

  • Click on the Annotations icon
    next to the drone card.
Annotation Icon
  • To add annotations to a mission, simply activate the annotation icon and click on the drone's icon on the map during the flight.
  • A dialog box will appear, allowing the operator to type in notes and save them by clicking on save.
Adding annotations

To review the operator's annotated messages

  • Navigate to logs
    section and click on Flight logs🆕
  • After opening the log to review, then open the Annotation Section.
Annotation section of Flight Logs
Annotations are the operator's sticky notes during flight and can serve as a valuable reference for future flights, helping to ensure safe and efficient flight operations.📝
Note: All the annotations can be reviewed at once after the flight operations conclude or the mission is complete.
Map Annotations are particularly useful for Security Patrolling and Surveillance.