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Joystick AppΒΆ

  1. Download Flyt Joystick android app from here.
  2. Alternatively you can use joystick web app on your laptop. Download Flyt Joystick web app on your laptop from here. Enter into the directory and open index.html into browser.
  3. Connect your mobile / laptop to same wifi network that your companion computer(Device running FlytOS) is connected to.
  1. Enter IP address of the companion computer in the app and click connect.
  2. Switch to OFFBOARD/API-POSCTL mode using the offboard switch on RC.
  3. Now the Joystick app should have the control.
  4. Give the drone take-off command using the takeoff button. Try moving the drone using buttons on app.
  1. The left joystick gives the drone commands to move up, down, turn-left and turn-right.
  2. The right joystick gives the drone commands to move front, back, left and right.
  3. All the commands are given with respect to the drone(front = direction of the nose/front of the drone).
  4. If everything goes right then press land button on app.


Turn-left and turn-right function is not supported in APM