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Installing FlytOS


FlytOS Linux Image is pre-installed in FlytPOD/PRO. In case you want to re-flash their respective 32GB SD/eMMC card, or create a duplicate 32GB SD/eMMC card follow the steps given below. You can use 16GB SD/eMMC cards as well, but 32GB is preferable.

There are two ways to re-install FlytOS on FlytPOD/PRO. We recommend the first method for an easier install:

Activate FlytOS


This step requires you to have a registered FlytBase Account. In case you don’t have an account, create a FlytBase Account before you proceed.

You have to activate the installed FlytOS, without which critical APIs would not function.

  1. Make sure your FlytPOD/PRO has internet access before proceeding. Configure its onboard WiFi router to client mode by following this guide.
  2. Launch FlytConsole. You can launch FlytConsole in the FlytPOD/PRO’s browser using the URL http://localhost/flytconsole or on your PC’s browser using the URL http://ip-address-of-device/flytconsole. In FlytConsole, click on Activate Now tag under License tab at bottom right corner. A pop-up will appear which will direct you to the device registration page. If you are not logged in, enter your FlytBase Account credentials to log in.
  3. Choose a device nick-name.
  4. In the license drop-down list, select existing license if available or select ‘Issue a new license’. You can also provide a nick-name for your license.
  5. Choose commercial license if you have purchased a commercial license and have the commercial license code or select the personal license.
  6. Click on Save Changes to register device and generate a license key.
  7. Copy the generated license key and enter it in FlytConsole to complete the activation process of your device. The Activate Now tag at bottom right corner of FlytConsole should now turn green.

Hardware Setup

FlytPOD comes in two variants - FlytPOD and FlytPOD PRO. Both of them have an inbuilt autopilot and you shall not have to go through this guide. See the detailed steps for getting started with FlytPOD/PRO here.