Installing FlytOS dependencies in your custom image

Installing FlytOS dependencies on custom image

Warning: You may face issues in FlytOS due to the latest update in Open-CV Library. It is currently advised to use FlytOS through flashing FlytOS Linux Image.

Note: Follow this step ONLY if you have chosen NOT TO flash FlytOS Linux Image.

  • Please ensure you are running Linux - Ubuntu 16.04 before proceeding with installation. This guide assumes you already have a working operating system on your Flight Computer. The following commands should be executed on your flight computer, you may either use an external display or ssh into your flight computer.

Warning: Please make sure you have a stable internet connection. Save and close all open applications before executing the script as your system shall reboot on installation.

  • Open terminal and run the following command

  1. $ sudo sh -c 'curl -sSL | bash'

    In case you get an error saying curl: command not found, please run the following command

    $ sudo sh -c 'wget -O - | bash'
  • Please enter your system password when prompted

  • On successful installation you will get the message Congratulations! FlytOS installation completed and your system shall reboot.


  • If the installation script throws an error, please reboot and try again.

  • If you get the error “Connection Timed Out”: Please check your internet connection and run the script again.

  • If the script is interrupted during execution, try running the following command before you execute the script again

    $ sudo dpkg --configure -a
  • If the above command does not work, run the following to fix your packages before running the installation script

    $ sudo apt-get upgrade --fix-broken

Caution: You must activate your device, without which critical APIs would not function.

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