FlytOS Updates

Automatic OTA

Caution: You must activate your device, without which auto-updates will not work.

  • Apart from the option of manually downloading and installing the latest FlytOS debian, FlytOS has a built in auto-update functionality.

  • Whenever a flight computer with FlytOS installed on it has internet access at boot, it checks for possible updates and downloads them.

  • Once the download is complete, the updates are installed upon the next reboot of your device.

  • Reboot your device once the download is complete. Installation of the update would be triggered automatically.

  • Please wait for a few minutes before trying to connect to FlytOS.

Configure Updates

The auto-update process is configurable as per user needs. This section explains the different configuration options available and possible debugging methods.

  • To configure updates launch FlytConsole and click on Update manager on the top right corner of FlytConsole.

Configure Update
  • The update manager displays important information about FlytOS viz. Current FlytOS version, Available FlytOS version, Update download progress, Install status and Blacklisted FlytOS versions.

Configure Update Tab
  • Current FlytOS version displays the currently installed FlytOS version.

  • Available FlytOS version displays the latest FlytOS update available in our server.

  • You can disable or enable auto-updates anytime using the Auto Updates checkbox. If Auto Update field is checked and a new update is available, it will get downloaded in the background, if the device has internet connection.

  • You can also monitor the progress of update being downloaded from the Update Download progress field.

Download Progress
  • In case there is some version of FlytOS that does not install correctly, or you want to skip that update completely, you can blacklist that version by entering it in the Blacklist FlytOS version field. FlytOS will no longer try to update to the Blacklisted FlytOS version. When another higher version is available to download, FlytOS will automatically download and install that version.

Blacklist Version

Startup Log

The Startup log located at /flyt/logs/startup/flyt_startup.log contains a log of important startup events including any errors in updates or installation.

For debugging: In case the updates are not installed successfully or you are unable to open FlytConsole, you can check the startup log to locate the error. You can view the log in a terminal using the following command:

$ cat /flyt/logs/startup/flyt_startup.log

Note: For more help regarding auto updates, please post your queries in the FlytBase forum with the the startup log attached.