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About FlytPOD/PRO


FlytPOD is a flight computer for advanced drones. Along with a robust autopilot it has inbuilt powerful application processor. FlytPOD runs trusted open source PX4 autopilot firmware and FlytOS - the operating system for Drones. It can fly multi-rotors, fixed wings and many more custom drone frames. The device houses navigational sensors, integrated powerful WiFi router and expansion panel for an array of payload interfaces.


FlytPOD PRO is an advanced version of FlytPOD. It includes all the featutres of FlytPOD. For commercial applications that demand higher reliability and superior performance, FlytPOD PRO offers sensor redundancy and faster storage. Built to provide fail-safe navigation with triple IMU, dual GPS/MAG module and dual Barometer, FlytPOD PRO goes an extra mile to give you reliability and performance for your professional drone.

Watch the youtube video below to get yourself familiarized with FlytPOD.

Technical Specifications