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Flashing FlytOS Linux Image (Odroid-XU4)

Flashing FlytOS Linux Image

This section will help you in flashing FlytOS Linux Image on any SD/eMMC card for your ODROID-XU4.

This step requires you to have a registered FlytBase account. In case you don’t have an account, create a FlytBase Account before you proceed.

Image download

  1. Login to your FlytBase Account.

  2. Download the hardware specific FlytOS Linux Image from your FlytBase account.

  3. Download size of the image is about 2.5 GBs.

  4. Check MD5 Hash to verify the integrity of downloaded file. Since it is a large file, the commands may take a few minutes to complete:

    • Linux- launch a terminal and execute the following command

      $ md5sum <path-to-downloaded-image>/flyt*.img.gz
    • Windows- launch a command window and execute the following command

      $ CertUtil -hashfile <path-to-downloaded-image>/flyt*.img.gz MD5
    • Mac OS- launch a terminal and execute the following command

      $ md5 <path-to-downloaded-image>/flyt*.img.gz

5. Compare the MD5 Hash generated to MD5 Hash mentioned in the FlytOS Linux Image download page. .. 6. Uncompress/extract the downloaded image:

Image write to SD/eMMC Card

We recommend using Etcher for burning images to SD/eMMC cards. To burn an image to your SD/eMMC card:

  1. Download Etcher for your Operating System (OS X, Linux, Windows).

  2. On opening you will be greeted with the following screen.

  1. Select your downloaded image.

  2. Choose the bootable drive (SD/eMMC Card) to burn the image onto (Please note that Etcher detects pendrives as bootable disks so proceed with caution).

  3. Click on Flash.


Etcher will burn the image onto the SD/eMMC card and verify the image. Remove the SD card after you get the prompt.


Since the image is of only around 11.5 GBs, the rest of the SD/eMMC Card would have unallocated memory. DO NOT forget to expand SD/eMMC card partition.

After performing the above steps, your FlytOS SD Card/eMMC is ready. Insert the card in ODROID-XU4’s SD Card/eMMC slot and apply power to it to start booting FlytOS.

Partition Expansion

The image is around 11.5 GB in size, thus the rest of the SD Card would have unallocated space. As this limits the available user area it is advised to extend your partition on your first boot up.

To extend your partition to cover your full SD card:

  • Run the following command from terminal

    $ sudo resize_flytimage
  • On successful execution you will get the following output

    Ok, Partition resized, please reboot now
    Once the reboot is completed please run this script again
  • At this point please run the following to reboot your system

    $ sudo reboot
  • On successful reboot please run the command again

    $ sudo resize_flytimage
  • Your partition has been extended to cover your full SD Card and is now ready to use.

User Credentials

All FlytOS Linux Image versions have the same Login user credentials:

username : flytos
password : flytos

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